An all-in-one manual that revved up sales.

Client: Nationwide Financial Services

Nationwide Financial Services

About Project

Nationwide Financial Services, one of the largest financial services companies in the country, needed a big time binder-rehab for a relationship-building initiative. Though there was plenty of detailed information contained in the company’s original 5” thick binder, the content was not compelling — nor did it offer real-world solutions for burgeoning relationships. After delving deeper into the binder’s shortfalls, we created a unique training track approach for a more streamlined, user-friendly manual. The race car-themed piece was colorful, laid out a guide to success in easy-to-follow steps, and contained a CD with pre-approved marketing pieces and sales tools. The resulting final product presented condensed information in a creative way that empowered sales professionals and their partners to grow business collaboratively and resulted in a marked improvement in the initiative’s participation rates and success.


Selling system manual