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Project: Meeting Support & Educational Material

Client: A large biopharmaceutical company

Situation & Solution:
LyonShare Marketing developed meeting support and educational materials for this company's three annual sales meetings. These included a detailed guide called the “GI Report,” table tent cards, signage and flash cards for quick access to sales goals, and competitive information.

The “GI Report,” a multi-page educational overview guide, was distributed to the biopharmaceutical company's Gastroenterology sales representatives prior to each sales meeting for four consecutive years. This report eliminated downtime spent on reviewing basic background information at the beginning of each meeting. Trainers used this precious face time to detail new concepts and sales tactics, thus significantly boosting meeting productivity.

In producing these highly technical materials, LyonShare Marketing adhered to corporate branding guidelines, worked in a cooperative environment with another ad agency to obtain artwork, and completed each project within tight time constraints.


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