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Project: Case Studies, Technical Briefs & Application Notes

Client: PulseCore Semiconductor

Situation & Solution:
PulseCore Semiconductor is a leading provider of standard and custom high-speed and low-power analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for EMI reduction, clocking, power management, and system monitoring. PulseCore’s founding team invented the first spread-spectrum EMI reduction device, and their technology is found in more than 75 million products worldwide.

PulseCore Semiconductor selected LyonShare Marketing as their agency of record in September 2008. LyonShare’s first challenge was to edit and enhance the appearance of 11 case studies, technical briefs, and application notes. The goal was to provide clear and concise information to their target audience of sophisticated product engineers in a consistent design format that would also encourage them to consider PulseCore Semiconductor’s products.

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Technical Brief PDF Sample

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