Good marketing is more than snappy copy  and smart design.
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it has to make  a lasting impression and inspire your target market  to act. LyonShare Marketing provides a wide range  of services with that objective in mind.

Project: Brand Identity

Client: TREAT®

Situation & Solution:
Sample sale boutique, TREAT®, hired LyonShare Marketing, prior to opening its doors, to develop a complete brand identity package aimed at attracting savvy, fashion-conscious clientele.

Based on the idea that everyone deserves to treat themselves to something nice once in a while, LyonShare created the playful logo for TREAT®. Then that brand image was consistently leveraged to produce shopping bags, indoor and outdoor signage, business cards, price tags, gift cards, and more. The final products created a unique, upscale identity for the boutique and exceeded the client’s expectations. For more information on TREAT®, visit their website at


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