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Project: Selling System Manual

Client: A large Insurance & Financial Services company

Situation & Solution:
A large national insurance company had previously launched a sales program that was in need of additional reinforcement. Producer feedback indicated more information about the program and its available resources were needed to get things on track.

LyonShare created a comprehensive ‘Keep on Track’ manual which enables producers to gain the insight and tips they need at any stage; whether new to the program or actively participating. The manual is divided into four “tracks” that can be read independently as well as in conjunction with the other sections. Each section reinforces the program’s philosophy, selling system, and how to effectively use the company’s pre-developed marketing materials to generate sales. For quick reference, these marketing materials are included on a CD in the manual’s back pocket.

The manual was packaged with a race car design to complement the ‘Keep on Track’ theme. Instead of creating several collateral pieces that could be misplaced, this piece is a one-stop solution that’s easy-to-follow and hard to overlook.


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