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Project: Chairman’s Club Invitation & Promotional Campaign

Client: Savient Pharmaceuticals

Situation & Solution:
Savient Pharmaceuticals was hosting it's first-ever, all-expenses-paid award trip sponsored by the company Chairman. LyonShare Marketing recommended a multi-wave print campaign to announce the trip location and qualification requirements.

The first wave contained a high-end wiro-bound invitation package that featured a series of fictional correspondences from friends of the company Chairman who were visiting the resort. Their letters and postcards offered a first-hand perspective of the resort’s amenities. This creative approach allowed the reader to share in the friend’s personal experiences and picture themselves also enjoying the resort. A series of postcards followed the invitation to share more in-depth information about the trip destination and solidify why Chairman’s Club qualification was worth the effort needed.

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Chairman's Club Brochure
Chairman's Club Postcards


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Savient Chairman's Club Postcards Savient Chairman's Club Brochure