LyonShare Marketing is a full-service firm of strategic thinkers and creative professionals ready to help you make an impact in your market. We offer the same services traditionally found at large advertising agencies but without the drain on your time or your budget.
LyonShare Marketing's ideas are fresh
January 20, 2014 LyonShare Marketing Celebrates 10th Anniversary
October 01, 2013 LyonShare Marketing Welcomes New Team Member
August 01, 2012 LyonShare Marketing Moves to Eagleview
January 19, 2010 LyonShare Marketing Expands Team
October 1, 2008 PulseCore Semiconductor partners with LyonShare Marketing
July 17, 2007 Former Client Partners Again with LyonShare Marketing
July 9, 2007 Successful Launch of TREAT Aided by LyonShare Marketing
June 21, 2007 Samriella Designs Selects LyonShare Marketing
June 7, 2007 LyonShare Marketing to Serve Automotive Aftermarket company
May 17, 2007 LyonShare Marketing Receives National Certification
April 19, 2007 New Client Referral Reward Program Announced
September 22, 2006 LyonShare Marketing Adds Educational Data Systems, Inc. to Client Roster
September 17, 2006 LyonShare Marketing Once Again Named Marketing Firm for January 2007 Philadelphia National Candy Gift & Gourmet Show
August 28, 2006 LyonShare Marketing Announces New Account Executive


Our team of graphic designers, writers, strategists, Web developers, photographers, printers, and videographers have consumer and business-to-business expertise.
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